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As a bike tour operator in Maui, Black Rock Bikes has researched and vetted over 100 brands of bikes including E-Bikes. The first objective in starting a rental company was to find an E-Bike that was durable, reliable and comfortable while providing all the power needed to take on any hill and any adventure with ease.

This E-Bike that has consistently stood out and performed best for Black Rock Bikes and its customers. Voted “Best In Class” the last 2 years, the Black Rock Bikes rentals can reach a speed of 23 miles per hour by electric  and more pedaling. It has both throttle-mode and the pedal-assist feature.

We have chosen to outfit our entire fleet with a durable design due to its dynamic ability to comfortably accommodate most folks both big or small. It is best if the rider is at least 5’2″ tall. Here are some of the specs of the bike 

Bike Highlights and Competitive Advantages


Front Suspension


Gears (7-Speed)


750 Watts (Plenty Fast)


Sleek Design (battery built into frame)


Oversized Get Seat (for maximum comfort)


Fat Tires (for stability)

looking for an affordable E-Bikes rental service?

Black Rock Bikes is a locally owned and operated business providing E-bike rentals to tour Hawaii's beautiful island of Maui.

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